What Is Social Media Marketing for Bars and Restaurants – Part 1: Branding

What does Social Media Marketing Mean for Bars and Restaurants?

I became lately asked by means of an excellent buddy and consulting purchaser of mine,” what changed into the factor of all this ‘Social Media Marketing buzz'”, he become listening to about within the industry guides. I changed into amazed at the beginning, however after some thought I found out, that maximum F&B professionals in all likelihood aren’t knowledgeable approximately Social Media Marketing. I need to have known that based totally on the excessive quantity of establishments that do not have Facebook bills. I become asked via another customer of mine whether or not or now not I notion that SMM had particular utility to Bars and Restaurants, or maybe more as it should be “whether or no longer Social Media Marketing became as suitable for unbiased bars and eating places because it turned into for countrywide chains”. In the following couple of articles I will undertaking to explain precisely what SMM is in relation mainly to Restaurants and Bars.

First we need to apprehend what Social 강남풀싸롱 Media Marketing is:

If the character of social media is a ” form of conversation this is social in nature” and, advertising is “the motion or business of promoting or promoting services or products”. Then Social Media Marketing (SMM) is largely, ” the usage of social forms of conversation to promote or promote products or services.”

Before the days of Facebook and Twitter maximum of us inside the F&B alternate used to refer to social media marketing as phrase-of-mouth advertising, and after any individual left our status quo with a tremendous experience we used to hope to restaurant gods, that they could tell their friends.With social media all that changes.

What I’m now not certain many bar proprietors, restaurant proprietors, and bosses comprehend, is that the patron verbal exchange is not only a conversation that we might haven’t any impact on, however has moved to a virtual alternate, one wherein, the established order proprietors can make a contribution. One of the primary advantages about this “verbal exchange” moving to the virtual global is that you could keep to take part in a clients enjoy and the manner they share that enjoy lengthy when they go away your status quo.

Being able to interact with and hold to persuade your clients without delay, whether or not or now not they may be for your status quo, is the premise for all the rest of social media marketing.
Let’s look at the extensive desires of Social Media Marketing with regards to Bars and Restaurants:

Perhaps a higher manner to understand SMM it’d be to understand the 6 foremost goals of SMM and how they could be applied to a bar or restaurant. The primary dreams are:

1. Creating Brand Awareness (on your particular location )
2: Reputation Management
three: Developing public relations
four: Extending your customer support
5: Building a network of advocates
6: Driving sales and Leads.
Creating Brand Awareness on your specific region- This is essential because it will shade the few bits of facts that most people can be able to maintain of their skulls about your bar or restaurant. I say this due to the fact human beings don’t obsess over the commercial enterprise which you run the manner you do. They don’t reflect onconsideration on it till the instant it’s time to use the carrier that you provide, with the aid of creating a cohesive branding message that 1) Sets you other than your competition, 2) Links you to a selected region, and 3) guarantees some thing to the customer that you can deliver.This aggregate of messages will have an effect on your patron to choose you over your competitors most of the people of the time.

Please check my Example here:

We have Billy Bob’s BBQ Shack and their emblem slogan is “Great BBQ Fast!” Before they would need to put that message or slogan into all the online content that they invent. They might want to also hyperlink that statistics to a specific area. For conversation’s sake let’s consider they may be in Columbia, SC. Their on-line slogan must be ” Great BBQ Fast in Columbia, S.C. They ought to toughen their message through the subsequent:

publish their quickest serve instances on their blog or tweet them to their fans.
Using each possibility they could to reinforce their brand of “Great BBQ Fast in Columbia, SC. ”
They should have a weblog about the restaurant that reinforces their locale and fast service
Their Facebook web page might have that tagline on it, as properly.
Creating Brand consciousness via social media channels has numerous advantages. My personal favorite is handling purchaser expectancies through branding. If customers recognize what to expect after they walk within the door, and you are clean about what you could supply, then you definitely are less probably to have any fundamental client miscommunications, and much more likely to have satisfied clients.

My 2nd favorite thing of branding thru social media is the potential to section your branding message primarily based on the channel. For example: If you need to impress the enterprise lunch set then you could be able to emphasize your “Great BBQ fast ” a part of your message via something types of social media that they’re the usage of, e-mail, weblog, website, and many others. But if you desired to emphasize the localness of your message then the use of your weblog or Facebook web page to end up a network propose might be the way to head.

The value of branding via social media channels is likewise noticeably low while in comparison with most other types of media. The return on investment for any branding campaign is difficult to degree however with Social Media it’s miles inexpensive enough that now not branding is as ridiculous as setting a display screen door on a submarine.

Bottom line: There is always a unfastened/cheaper way to sell your branding message. Branding is one of the foremost keys to achieving and keeping your marketplace share. Almost all your advertising campaigns need to include some connection with your essential branding message.

Stay tuned for element 2. Reputation Management.