The Advantages of Using a Translation Company

If you are in need of a translation for your business, you might want to consider hiring a translation company. A good translation company will have several advantages over the competition. One of these is that they are able to provide quality translations without charging you an arm and a leg. Another advantage of using a translation company is that they have offices around the world and offer services around the clock. Another advantage is that they can support over 500 language combinations and have a large team of translators.

Description of a translation company

A translation company provides a variety of services. Some specialize in particular languages, such as translations into or from the regional languages of Northern Europe. Others specialize in the industry in which they operate, such as the pharmaceutical industry. In either case, they have the expertise to create and deliver the content required for a given project. Below is a short description of a translation company. To find out more, read on. These companies can help you reach a worldwide audience with your business messages.

A translation company must adhere to high standards in order to ensure a high quality translation. For example, if the target language is English, the company should be HIPAA compliant and have ISO 9001:2015 certification. This means that their translations are accurate, and they follow the same guidelines as medical devices. Moreover, their translators must be subject matter experts in various fields. In addition, a translation company must be able to provide the client with the best product.

Cost of hiring a translation company

The cost of hiring a translation service varies greatly, depending on the language pair and availability of professional translators. While English to Spanish translation services are relatively cheap, Russian to Spanish translation services are limited by the number of professional Spanish translators. Other factors that affect the cost of translations are the type of certification needed and the country’s currency exchange rates. In addition, the quality of the translation is also a factor in the cost.

In addition to linguistic quality, the cost of hiring a translation company will depend on the specific content of the document. Certain topics, such as legal documents and medical journals, require more specialized vocabulary than the general public. Hence, these industries will typically charge higher rates than non-specialized fields. However, the rate will remain relatively low if the translation is limited to a simple document, such as a letter to a colleague.

Quality of translation services offered by a translation


As the business world continues to expand internationally, it is crucial that the content of the business’s websites, brochures, and other materials is consistent. Using a translation company is a far better choice than hiring separate professionals for different languages and industry specifics. A quality translation company will have both linguistic and native speakers to handle your project, as well as subject matter experts who are familiar with the particular industry you are involved in. Akorbi, for example, specializes in translation for a variety of industries.

Before choosing a translation company, you should consider the type of document you need translated. You may need a legal translation, for example, so it is imperative to select a translation company with this type of certification. Also, the company should have a tight integration with the backend of your website. It is important to remember that cost and quality don’t always go hand in hand. However, if you have a high budget, you don’t want to choose a cheap service that is not able to meet your requirements.

Certification of a translation company

While there is no universal standard for certification of a translation company, there are various different types. These vary depending on the country, the body that certifies the company, and other requirements. The ISO 17100:2015 standard, for instance, specifies requirements for TSPs. In addition to requiring a minimum level of translation quality, TUV SUD also has strict guidelines for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the translations.

A certified translation service will use qualified translators who have passed rigorous exams. This ensures that your translation is accurate. In addition, certified translation services are required for certain types of documents, like immigration. They can also help you in university admission. Using a certified translation service can make the process go smoothly. The company will then issue you a certified statement. If the original document is not certified, the company will revise the translation and provide a certified version.