Lights Out: When a Cigar Turns Bad

There are truths in existence that we are compelled to swallow, regardless of how an awful lot they may make us choke. For cigar fans, the sort of truths can regularly be observed lurking in the darkness, peering out from at the back of fireplace hydrants and rose timber in hopes of now not being seen. Yet, it can not conceal for all time; absolutely everyone who smokes on a ordinary basis is sure to find out this dismal reality: there is this type of thing as a awful cigar.

I know this is hard to hear for you, the cigar lover. A individual who reveres cigars, placing them on pedal stools and letting them trip shotgun in your automobile as your own family crams within the returned seat, you may discover your self in shock at this reality. But, earlier than you start rocking silently in the nook, take into account that terrible cigars are quite clean to locate: defective stogies do not need to be placed in a police line up so as to be spotted. The following are some suggestions that will help you realize whilst a cigar isn’t always really worth being lit:

You bought it on the nearby grocery shop: It’s critical to understand that exact cigars are not generally bought on the local market, located in between the Juicy Fruit gum and the double A batteries. They also are now not sold for handiest or 3 bucks. When you buy a cigar for 2.50 from a Piggy Wiggly’s, that cigar will taste like a cigar for two.50 from Piggy Wiggly’s. To keep away from this, splurge a little and most effective purchase cigars from locations that do not also have an entire aisle devoted to incontinence.

Your cigar is so dry it makes the Sahara appearance damp: Does your cigar ever have that not so clean feeling? If it does, one motive can be as it does now not incorporate sufficient humidity, a hassle that leaves a cigar dry and off. When a cigar dries out, it’s tough to shop. This is because the cigar has misplaced many of its important oils, dropping its flavor inside the system. However, if the cigar is not too dry, it could be feasible to revive it by using placing it in a humidor and progressively growing the humidity. If the cigar is so dry that the wrapper has all started to crack and peel, the most effective thing you can sincerely keep is time, via throwing the cigar away. To avoid this dryness from occurring, make certain to maintain your cigars stored properly internal a balanced humidor.

Your cigar smells horrific: When things smell horrific, they normally flavor horrific; those two senses just form of pass hand in hand. For this cause, smelling a cigar before lights it is a good manner to prevent a horrific smoking revel in. If you observe some thing off approximately the smell – it smells stale, moldy, or simply simple awful – chances are the cigar may be a awful smoke. This is a exquisite trick to apply before purchasing specific stogies: being attentive to your nose can save you you from spending money on a cigar now not worth shopping for.

You suspect they may be imitations: Nearly each city has a dealer promoting cigars whose authenticity they will attest to, swearing on a stack of tobacco leaves. While they are able to promise all they want, the proof is within the pudding, or in this situation, the puffing. Nothing will destroy a cigar tasting experience like an imitation cigar; it’s going to do to smoking what “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” did to toast. Luckily, fake cigars are commonly fairly clean to identify. There are three fundamental things to observe out for: cigars with an   inexpensive rate that seems too desirable to be actual, cigars which can be broken, or a cigar supplier that appears over eager to make a sale. Watching out for these three thing can assist preserve you from shopping an imitation cigar, for this reason retaining you from inhaling a bad smoke.

Your Cigar Tastes Like Dirt: Cigars can embody numerous exclusive flavors. They can taste like Earth or spice. Perhaps they could even taste like chicken. But, irrespective of what, they ought to in no way taste like dust. Dirt, is simply no longer a popular flavor. If a cigar takes place to taste stale, musty, or like you are scoping soil from the lawn and placing the shovel to your mouth, you will recognize you’re smoking a cigar that has long gone horrific or a cigar that is changed into born bad.

Most cigars aren’t defective. But every now and then a awful one may additionally pop up. Sometimes you’ll be capable of spot them, other instances you can comprehend they’re unsuitable a puff too overdue. When this takes place, the best solution is to get back up on the horse: locate every other cigar, and strive once more.