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If you’re just getting commenced along with your Linux gadget, you may discover that maximum of the fundamental programs you need, inclusive of a phrase processor and net browser, are already established. But you may have seen plenty cooler programs in other operating structures which you additionally want to use in Linux. Good news is, you will find Linux variations or great alternatives for such programs.

1. Skype and Pidgin

The modern-day version of Ubuntu comes with Empathy instantaneous messenger patron, which supports nearly all IM systems like Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. But when you have a Skype account, you could download the Linux model of the program from the Skype internet site. Pidgin is every other nifty Descargar programas para iPhone IM customer that lets in you to manipulate more than one IM bills all below the identical application.

2. Opera and Google Chrome

Firefox is the default browser provided via maximum of the Linux distro, however what if you pick different browsers? Well, the two different famous browsers, Opera and Chrome, also are to be had in Linux, giving you the equal consumer revel in as using it in other working structures. And in case you are nevertheless no longer glad with the ones browsers, there are a handful of other Linux browsers you may select from.

Three. GIMP and XSane

Unfortunately, the popular photo modifying device Adobe Photoshop is not to be had in Linux. But who says it is the most effective image enhancing device within the planet? You can download GIMP – a exceptional alternative to Photoshop with almost the identical features with out the want to pay for it. XSane, then again, is a program for scanning snap shots that has a variety of features that will help you customise the system.

Four. Docky

Apple is continually impeccable when it comes to the seems department. The dock characteristic of the Mac OS is an appealing graphical tool that similar applications for Windows had been made, consisting of the RocketDock. In Linux, you can additionally down load Docky which allows you to quick launch packages and limit going for walks programs on it.