Female Rights in Islam

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I had talked about the five life dimensions of the human to you in my preceding articles. The human gathers on himself all the physical and chemical functions of the subjects world in first size, all the physiological features of the plants international in second size, all the mental functions of the animals international in 1/3 dimension. He also obtains a humanistic persona unique from the other creatures, with the thinking, identifying and adjudicating capability, in fourth measurement.

The uncounted benefactions had been given to the human

Certainly the outstanding benefactions had been furnished HAMKA to himself till the human comes this degree. Now, try to suppose handiest the physiological measurement. Thousands of chemical substances play their roles on this mechanism. Imagine that handiest one enzyme or handiest one hormone does not do it’s characteristic. How distressed days human lives.

Try to remember the benefactions at your psychological size. Think of your interest has weakened, your memory is absent, otherwise you lost your cognizance. Imagine that you have troubled with mental deficiency. How bad case for you!

Now, assume that you are disadvantaged of “motive” benefaction. Everybody treats you want dirt, for you can not think and for you cannot be possessed of the electricity of identifying and duty. You cannot control yourselves. You can not manipulate your wares and homes. Your members of the family with the society in which you live completely breakdown. You can’t signal an agreement and a agreement. You can’t vote. Even, in case you convey any data, no person believes this news. This is how lots awful case.

The human, here, in his first four dimensions, has attained measureless benefactions of his writer Almighty God (Allah) who has possession of mercy and compassion. But, I’m sorry to say, most of the people of the humans are not aware of those benefactions.

Almighty Allah desires to complete this beneficence

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Almighty Allah (God), who’s the creator and the best protector of the human, has prepared with such measureless benefactions the human up to fourth purpose size. And He also desires to complete His benefactions and favors at the human through carrying him to the peak of the matureness for making him a good deal more precious and brilliant in 5th dimension after this point.

“Allah does now not desire to area you in a problem, however to make you clean, and to finish his choose to you, …” (Qur’an, Maide, 6)

But these favors, a good way to be realized after this phase, has been made depending on the own volition of character. Namely, for this, it’s far vital that character have to abandon his own personality, his personal conceitedness, and his own egoism; and he should completely issue to his creator’s volition and surrender to him. This submission is referred to as, in short, as Islam.

I had attempted to expound the human within the previous articles. In this article, I’ll try to explicate Islam.

Islam is to be concern to the need of Allah

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Islam is an Arabic originated word and it manner “submittal, to lay down one’s palms”. Its meaning as a religious time period is the submission and being challenge to the will of Almighty Allah that He has now not the similars, partners and assistants; He has created the bodily and metaphysical worlds; He maintains them in lifestyles with the aid of offering their wishes; He offers essential electricity, force and strength for them; He arranges and organizes them at will; He makes gift or absent the whole thing at will and at any time; He is real proprietor the whole assets and is specific sovereign on the worlds. “Islam” is to live in keeping with the commandments, the wills and the policies of this Almighty Allah