A Christian Perspective on the “Race Card” Game – Part 2

Indian race card
Across the board – a wager on a horse to win, place, and show. The minimum bet is $6 because three wagers ($2 to win, $2 to place, $2 to show) are being placed. If the horse wins, the bettor receives win, area, and show payouts. If the horse finishes 2d, the bettor gets vicinity and show payouts, and if the horse finishes 0.33, the bettor receives the display payout.

Allowance Race- an occasion aside from claiming for Indian race card which the racing secretary drafts certain conditions.

Allowances- weights and other situations of a race.

Also-eligible – a horse formally entered but now not accredited to begin until the field is reduced by using scratches under a particular number.

Apprentice Allowance – weight concession to an apprentice rider. This varies amongst states from 5 to 10 pounds. Slang term is “computer virus.” Indicated by means of an asterisk subsequent to the jockey’s name inside the software.

Baby race – a race for 2-yr-olds.

Backside – a racetrack’s barn or strong region.

Backstretch – the straight a part of the song at the a ways facet between turns; slang time period to describe the barn or stable area.

Bandage – strips of material wound across the decrease a part of horses’ legs for guide or protection against harm.

Bar shoe – a horseshoe closed at the back to assist help the frog and heel of the hoof. Often worn by horses with quarter cracks or bruised ft.

Bay – a horse’s coat colour starting from tan to auburn. The mane and tail are continually black as are the decrease portion of the legs (black points), besides for any white markings.

Beyer Speed Figure – a handicapping tool, advanced by sports writer Andy Beyer of the Washington Post, assigning a numerical value to every race run by using a horse primarily based on final time and track circumstance.

Bleeder – a horse that bleeds from the lungs after or for the duration of a work-out or race.

Blinkers – device to restriction a horse’s vision to save you him from swerving from items, others horses, and so forth.’ on either aspect of him.

Board – the “tote” or totalizator board, which shows odds, making a bet swimming pools, and others race information.

Bottom Line – the decrease half of a pedigree diagram, indicating the female facet of a horse’s bloodlines.

Bounce – a negative performance followed by a very precise one.